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Andy Griffith

Business Advisor & Marketing Consultant

Working with restaurant owners to increase their sales and profits with simple online training systems, cash flow tracking tools, and continued operations guidance.

Do you want to learn the secrets of digital marketing to drive increased brand awareness and customer traffic to your store? How to grow your sales with a proven automated online system? I will show you!

Online Coaching

Tools to help your restaurant perform better than ever!

Are you tired of having those rough lunch and dinner shifts? Do you want to know the secrets of great team performance?  This book tells you exactly what to do!

Do you want to quickly be able to see what areas need attention to improve your profit margins? Do you want to know exactly how your store is performing?

Want to be able to target your customer base and drive increased traffic to your store? Want an automated online sales platform that grows your business brand and sales?

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Short actionable articles to help grow your business.

Service Beats Competition

Service Beats Competition

Who really wants to be the low-cost leader in their foodservice segment? Honestly, it's a race to the bottom. You want to be the service leader in your business category. You don't compete with the big chain stores of the world by price. Huge companies can afford to...

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Cutting Labor Can Cut Profits

Cutting Labor Can Cut Profits

Labor is one of the biggest controllable expense a food and beverage operation business will incur. It is an area you should manage well or it could run the business profit margins in to the ground. When labor is cut too thin it will also adversely effect your...

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A Players – The Proactive Search

A Players – The Proactive Search

Having a team of A Players makes everyone's job easier. When you have proactive team members who care about what they are doing and are trained on how to execute, you can literally watch the magic happen. Expecting these types of applicants to all just walk through...

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I’ve worked with over 100 locations!

These programs have helped single store operators and multi-unit locations alike. 30-day guarantee if they don’t help your business improve I will refund you. Plain and simple.

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Deliver the WOW effect to your customers. Learn how to set your team up for success.


Know daily how your store is performing. Find key areas to focus on for improved profits.

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We are in this together. If my programs don’t help your business, then I don’t deserve yours. Each program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!


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Martin Lira

Martin Lira

Owner - Cherry Berry

This book is packed with great information that will take your business to the next level like it did with mine. I went from having employees doing the minimum required, to being productive and efficient.

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