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When operating a food program consistency is one of the major players in repeat business.  Customers have expectations to have a specific dish and, or, level of food quality every time they visit your location.  Before you roll out a menu take the time to review what items you are going to have on it and who are your going to purchase those items from.

The moment you start to only make some of the items or try to buy a cheaper product else where you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Whats happens is, these scenarios in the short term may appear to save you labor dollars by not making everything and food cost margins by substituting sub par products.

In the long run you loose the confidence of your customers.

Think to a time where you went to eat somewhere that had a dish you loved.  You go in, but they say “I’m sorry we don’t have that in today”.  You might try something else this time, but if this continues to happen how many more times will you go back…. 2 maybe 3 times?  You begin to have it stuck in your mind they never have the things I want and you stop going.

In another example, say they do have what you want but they now bought a cheaper piece of meat, produce or sauce to substitute in the dish.  This time you don’t “love” the meal.  It is lack luster and now has no special value to you any more.  Again this could be a one off moment, but if it happens again you would think twice about visiting them the next time you are hungry.

I understand some operators have daily specials with only so many made or their are locations that have seasonal and weekly menus.  This post is addressing the masses of food locations who have standard menus that might have a quarterly promo but the core menu stays pretty consistent.

Operators who try to cheat the cost of a quality product only cheat themselves.

These operators are stepping over future sales dollars to save pennies today.  Food can be compared to sports.  Stick to the fundamentals for success.  Consistency in your locations food offerings is key.  It builds trust and earns repeat visits.

Stop trying to order some items from your wholesaler then run to the local market to save a few bucks on other items.  Most of the time it is one of the highest paid people, the manager, making the trip the the store.  So now you are paying your highest wages for them to drive, shop, check out, load, drive, unload.  Did you really save that much money when that is put into perspective?  What was the rest of the staff doing while the manger was away from the store?

Source great products that can be delivered to your door.  It may cost more, but build that into the menu price.  Everyone knows they pay more to eat out.  They are paying to not cook or clean, to escape, to be pampered a bit, to make things easy and treat themselves.  Be consistent in doing your part to make it worth it to the customer and they will come back again and again.

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