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Who really wants to be the low-cost leader in their foodservice segment? Honestly, it’s a race to the bottom. You want to be the service leader in your business category. You don’t compete with the big chain stores of the world by price. Huge companies can afford to run losses on select storefront locations and still easily survive.

You want to be known for the service you provide. Customers will drive further and don’t mind paying extra for an experience and for trust to be taken care of. Let’s think about this… We all have our go-to spots for gas, groceries, and food. Do you ever find yourself driving past many other business locations of the same type just to visit “your” go-to store instead?

This is a clue. There is something they are doing that causes you to do this. It can be only a few key factors: decor, cleanliness, staff interactions, product offerings, the culture, the environment and/or location.

Stop moving prices down. Instead move service up!

I am not suggesting you should be the most expensive place, but you should ask yourself in what ways above are you setting yourself up to provide top quality service? Do you greet and thank each guest as they arrive and leave? Is your staff properly trained on how to communicate your locations food menu options and specials? Is your location staffed correctly so that it’s being well kept, clean and maintained? Do you look for ways to do something special for customers to make them feel more important than just a transaction in the store?

I like to remind the foodservice teams I train to keep this point in their minds. We may be at work right now, but for the customers, this is a break in their day. They chose to come here over choosing another place. They picked this spot and let’s make sure they feel appreciated for it. Without the customer, none of us would be here.

Stop trying to compete and start out serving your competitors.

We are allowed to be apart of the guest lives and special moments. They are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, dates, and family times together. Often times your regular customers start to come just to see their favorite crew members, servers, chefs, and managers. Plus, they like to be known where they go as well. It makes us all feel cool and important when we go somewhere and the people know you.

That’s is where the magic happens. They now have a bond built to continue visiting your business. You and the customer start to know each other by names and they will bring friends in to get the same effects. You become part of the customer’s life story when people ask them where they went for such occasion or what they did over the weekend.

Now ask yourself who can compete with that?

Once you reach those levels of engagement with your clientele no one can stop you. The customer will drive farther, spend more, and wait longer just to have your locations experience!

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