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Opening your doors for business is just one of many steps to a successful food operation.  A healthy practice is to get out in the local community and make face to face interactions with potential customers.  Even if you have been in business for awhile making time to get out there and market yourself never hurts.  We will cover some ways your business can make an impact to build sales using local restaurant marketing.

Map out local business centers and offices near your location.

Then take them some goodies bags of samples, treats and coupons with your stores location and menu.  Let then know if they order ahead with a certain dollar amount or meal count, you can either have it ready for pick up or will deliver to their door.  You would be surprised how many secretaries just have a rotation of places they order from for the company.  Get yourself on that list.  Most of the time they are looking for something new as well.

Having a “Drop your card to win 4 meals for you and your friends” bowl is another good approach to build your business.  The cards you get will have their title.  Looking for center of influence roles who can make decision for larger orders like CEO, Owner, Medical Rep, Car Dealership, Principle, Non profits and more are great contacts to work with.  Once your have choosen your winners make sure you talk with them about your catering options available to feed their teams for future events.

Medical Reps and Card Dealerships are gold mines.  They feed groups of people every week sometimes multiple times a week.

Working with Schools, Kids Sports Teams and Non profit Charity organizations are also a huge hit.  Talk with them about having a fundraiser night where a portion of your sales for the day or shift,  say 20% excluding alcohol, will be donated to their cause.  Then help set up flyers for them to pass out.  They will help you with marketing by reaching out to their current supports to let them know about this event.  It drives new customers into your establishment and you get to support a good cause.  Everyone wins!

Note to self when having a fundraiser night.  Be staffed to have flawless execution.  They are trusting you to take care of the people the referred to come in.  The goal is to impress those new to your establishment so that they will want to come back again regardless of your location having a fundraiser.

Doing these steps takes time to execute but the pay off is increased sales for your business and building solid relationships within your community.  At the end of the day it shows you are doing more than selling food, you are involved.

I hope you found this post helpful.  My mission is to make operations easy to understand.  It would be a huge blessing to me if you would take a moment to share this post on your social media sites.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to share them below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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