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Having a team of A Players makes everyone’s job easier. When you have proactive team members who care about what they are doing and are trained on how to execute, you can literally watch the magic happen. Expecting these types of applicants to all just walk through your door looking for work is a pipe dream.  You have to find them and build these qualities up with your current staff.

Ask yourself who is your best team member right now?

What if you had 5 of them or even better 10 of them?  How much smoother would each shift run?  How much of an increase in service would your customers see? How much would that free you up as a leader?  I am willing to bet there there would be major impacts on each of those questions I just asked.  These questions were once posed to me by a former mentor.  Then the tough question, what are you doing to find more of your A players?

I start with asking my best team members if they know of anyone they would recommend working here.  They wont bring on someone they know would flake out and make their job harder.  They too want to have A Players working along side them.  Most of the time is takes some recon work to build out this team.

When building a team always remember your ABC’s. Always Be Recruiting.

Start carrying a few of your business cards.  Next time your are out whether it be eating, at a retail store, the super market, or a convenience store keep your eyes open.  When you notice someone who has that, what I call “spark” you need to give them your card.  The spark is a friendly attitude, warm smile, can do mentality, solution focused, at ease with what they are doing.  Don’t forget to give your card to your A Players to hand out as well.  They will have an eye for it too.

I don’t suggest you say “He you, quit here and come work for me”.  I go more subtle say say “Hi I am blank name.  I manage blank store.  I noticed how well you do blank.  Here is my card.  If you are ever looking for (key words here) additional hours outside of what you are currently doing I would love to interview you.  How they respond to that statement will tell you a lot.  If interested they will start asking you questions and you simply go from there.  Sometimes they are already looking for something else completely and are ready to leave.

Using the words “additional hours outside of what you are currently doing” keeps it from being confrontational for them and lessens the blow if their manager is around.  If the manager is around and comes to talk with you be upfront with them.  Saying you are always looking for good help and you can bet they agree.  No manager can disagree with you on this.

Building a network a managers in your town won’t hurt you either.

If it’s a nice place and you have someone looking for more hours than you can give you can refer them to that location as well. As managers each are facing the same problems.  It is through professional relationships you can help each other grow.  In the food business people tend to move around.  Knowing other managers to call on for staffing needs and vice versa can solve a lot of problems very quickly.

Another tactic is to build your team up into A Players.  Use the Tell Show Do Review training approach for coaching your staff.  We each learn in different ways.  That post will break those down for you.

I hope you found this post helpful.  My mission is to make operations easy to understand.  It would be a huge blessing to me if you would take a moment to share this post on your social media sites.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to share them below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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