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Training new team members is an investment in them and the business.  Fast tracking some one through on boarding may save labor dollars upfront but it can bite you in the butt later on.  We all have different personality types and thus we all have different ways of learning.  In this post we will cove so simple ways to ensure training new information is retained.

Starting off with “TELLING” someone how to do a task highlights those who are more prone for audible learning.  They simply need to hear how things are done and they are then able to quickly pick up the skills an information being covered in the lesson.  It is highly important to explain why you do things a certain way.  When people know the purpose of what they are doing it creates more buy in for them to follow the steps.

Take time to cover all 4 steps to have a highly effective impact teaching your team what to do.

Some people are more visual learns.  They gathering information with their eyes instead of their ears.  This is why “SHOWING” them how a process is done will resonate better.  Plus you will know 100% for sure that they saw exactly how something is done verses only hearing how it’s done which can sometimes leave room for interpretation.

Hands on training training is another huge asset.  Having them actually “DO” the task with supervision to guide them along the way provides a real world experience of performing the job.  It allows them to practice while their trainer is present so that if there is any areas they are having issues with the trainer can assist accordingly.

The review step is fun.  It is where the roles reverse.

The person being trained should now walk the trainer through how to do the job being taught and explain why the steps to perform it are important.  In essence the trainer will recap with them by asking them to: TELL how to do it.  SHOW how it’s done.  Have them DO the task again as example and this completes the REVIEW.

Taking time to go through this process shows support for the person learning the task and confirms with the trainer they will be ready to perform the job on their own. If they have any hang ups along the way you just repeat which step is causing the difficulty until they have it down pat.

Learning something new is when anxiety is at its highest.  As knowledge grows then the anxiety becomes reduced.  As trainers you play a pivotal roll building confidence in your team.  Kudos to you for taking the time to help someone else grow!

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